What do Mary Kay Car Drivers drive around the world?

We all know that Mary Kay drove a pink Cadillac, and that she quickly figured out that is was a moving billboard for her business. You probably also know that the company rewards top-performers with cars of their own, but did you know that Mary Kay car drivers in other countries may be behind the wheel of something a little different?

Here are a few different types of Mary Kay Cars from around the world! (according to Wikipedia)

USA                   =                  Pink Cadillac

mary kay usa                    Mary Kay Pink Cadillac


The United Kingdom,  Germany and The Netherlands  =  a Pink Mercedes-Benz.

united kingdom mary kay  +   germany country flag   +   the The Netherlands country flag  = Mary Kay Pink Mercedes


China                     =         Volkswagen Santana

china country flag                Volkswagen Santana

(could not find a pink one!)


and in Australia, you get a choice of 2 Different cars ….

austraila flag map

The Ford Falcon               Or         The VW Bug

ford falcon                         pink beatle

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